Friday, May 22, 2009

2009/2010 Season

Our Seventh Season has been announced:

The Ballad of the Sad Café

by Edward Albee

based on the novella by Carson McCullers

Directed by Ronan Marra

August 9 – September 12, 2009

Chopin Theatre

Albee's signature piercing dialogue propels this 1963 adaptation that centers on the question: is it better to be the loved, or the beloved? Amelia Evans is the despotic proprietor of The Sad Café, located in a small Georgia towns’ center in the 1930s. Lymon – a strange hunchback that turns out to be a relative Amelia’s never met – becomes the target of her unlikely affection, forming an unusual love triangle when her estranged husband Marvin returns. When Marvin threatens to leave with Lymon if Amelia doesn't acquiesce to his demands, she refuses, and the husband and wife settle the matter violently – and in front of the entire town – with their bare hands.

Featuring Ensemble Members Meredith Bell Alvarez, Vincent Lonergan, Simone Roos, Aaron Snook, Joseph Stearns and Philip Winston with Artistic Associate Bries Vannon and Guest Artists Brigitte Ditmars, Ehren Fournier, Eric Paskey and Charles Schoenherr.


by Ronan Marra

directed by Ronan Marra

Spring 2010

Perhaps most famous for his mysterious death by drowning at age 27, what is less known about Brian Jones is that he was the founder of The Rolling Stones. A master musician, Jones could pick up an instrument he’s never touched before and have it down within the hour. His obsession with non-traditional instrumentation and the musicians of Jajouka would make an unheard of statement on the Stones’ music and beyond. While his fashion, addictions and sexual escapades made the headlines, Jones’ lasting impact on the musical landscape of the world -- not only on rock n’ roll -- is masked behind his high profile relationships, his drug-induced arrests and the two members of the Stones that would become the face of his band. Part bio-play, part musical, “Aftermath” focuses on the dramatic side of rock n’ roll that too often gets ignored: the rock n’ roll.

Featuring Ensemble Members Aaron Snook and Joseph Stearns (remaining cast TBA)

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