Friday, June 4, 2010

Rolling Stones Stories, part 3.

Hello, dear readers. Here's a great one from the early days. Enjoy!

Rock on,

Aaron Snook


My wife Judy tells the story of seeing the Stones in early 1964 (we grew up in the UK).

They were playing at the Birkenhead Ballroom across from Liverpool. It was a SRO event, no seats. She and her niece charged the stage and were one of these "hug the band" types. Our niece ended up with a handful of Brian Jones' hair, which she mixed with her own (she's blonde) and sold at school the next day!!
We saw the Stones several times in the sixties. When they were at United Center a couple of years ago we went to revisit them. Mick Jagger was still doing the same dance steps from the sixties!!

Enjoyed Aftermath enormously. Great show!

Glyn & Judy; Oak Park


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